All workshops held at our Columbia location, conveniently located off Rt. 95, 100, 32 and 29, at Snowden River Parkway.
6925 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia, MD 21045 |  410.290.6253  |  Register in advance for all classes!  Classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.  Please help us spread the word by posting these events to your personal networks, groups, and orgs.  PLEASE VISIT US ON FACEBOOK FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION.

Babywearing workshops
~Private one-on-one consults with a staff Certified Babywearing Educator - Looking for more personal babywearing help? Then a one on one consult might be just for you. During your private consult with a Certified Babywearing Educator, we'll work with you to hand select carriers that will fit your lifestyle and needs, answer any concerns, and make sure you leave confident with the carrier you have chosen. Private consults can be scheduled any Saturday between 11 and 5. Please allow at least an hour for a consult. $30 - Receive 10% off your new carrier purchase the day of consult!

~Babywearing Level One - This is an introductory class/workshop for parents/caregivers new to babywearing, with no babywearing knowledge, and looking to learn. We'll discuss all major types of carriers, answer questions/concerns, and try on carriers. This class may take an hour or more. Pregnant moms and babies are more than welcome, and encouraged to attend. $15 per person, $20 per couple- Receive 10% off your new carrier purchase the day of class!

~Babywearing Level Two - This class/workshop will cover back carries, and any other specific needs/wants of the group. A basic understanding of babywearing is expected. Bring your current carrier, and we'll help troubleshoot. Babies and toddlers are encouraged to attend. $5 per person- Receive 10% off your new carrier purchase the day of class!

~Wrap Geeks - A workshop all about woven wraps. Meet other wrappers, learn new carries, and try out a few new wovens. This workshop is for all levels of woven wrappers, whether you're just curious or an enthusiast. Free!

Cloth Diapering 101 Class | 10% off a purchase of 10 or more diapers.  Every day!
In this very popular workshop, you will learn about pockets and AIOs, hybrids, and prefolds, wetbags and sprayers. Laundering and the basics are covered in detail. Now fully stocked with bumGenius and FuzziBunz pockets, Flips, Woollybottoms, Bummis, Thirsties, Green Mountain prefolds, Snappis, training pants, plus PlanetWise and Sarah’s fabulous wetbags, Rockin’ Green, CJs, cloth wipes, and a large selection of consigned diapers! 10% off diapers and related supplies - this evening plus 2 additional diapering purchases! Please register in advance. Register in advance via email or phone.  FREE
Need a one-on-one consultation or a cloth diaper shopping assistant to help guide you with your purchase? Schedule a consult with Alicia! Contact her at the store or by email to set up a time to meet.

Infant Care |
A three hour class that focuses on the "fourth trimester", the first three months of a baby's life.  The course will focus on newborn care, including newborn procedures, feeding, sleeping. infant communication, diapering and dressing, bathing and swaddling.  We also discuss self-care techniques for parents to help with the bumps in early parenting. Come join us for a fun evening of learning and sharing and leave feeling better prepared for birth and beyond.  Everyone will leave class with a CD filled with valuable handouts as well as a Newborn Care DVD for continued reference!  Space is limited, sign up now.  $50 per person or couple.  Class given by Danielle Koontz of Informed Birth Choices, LLC  Registration and payment is due.  Please register at

MYO Baby Food |
Have you thought about making homemade baby food but are not really sure where to begin?  Making your own baby food can be fun, straightforward, save you money and you do not need a bunch of special equipment.  Come learn how to prepare genuinely nutritious, delicious, wholesome food for your baby and/or toddler.  $5 materials fee.  Check out this blog written by the instructor, Carly Norris.

Working & Breastfeeding |
Ann Faust is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who is experienced in setting up breastfeeding centers and training workforces about breastfeeding. Ann will discuss with you all things related to working and breastfeeding. Some of the common areas covered include:
* how and when to pump
* milk supply
* how to handle expressed breastmilk
* what the laws say about working and breastfeeding
* your individual work situations
Please join us to learn how to make this transition much smoother! $35 per participant for this 2-hour class.

Practical Couponing for Busy Moms:  Intro to Couponing |
Have you wondered what kind of money you can really save clipping coupons? Check out this interactive workshop where you will learn tools including:

Finding out what's on sale
Where to find coupons
Different types of coupons & terminology
Understanding store policies
Organizational tips
Valuable resources and more!

You'll walk away with the basic skills to save BIG money at the grocery store right away!
$25 per person - You'll earn this back in your first few shopping trips!

Sign Language for Young Children - with a special focus each class
Little Hands Signing: Our Signing Day
Learn how to use signs throughout your child's day to foster bonding, stimulate language development, and reduce frustration. Little Hands Signing brings the magic of American Sign Language to you and your child through age-appropriate stories, songs, activities, and games, along with tips and tricks for caregivers on using signs in everyday activities. 

$14 per adult  |  $20 per couple  |  Children under 8 are free
Please register in advance.  Payment due at greenberries prior to the class.  Call or email.
Class to be given by: Kathy MacMillan, NIC, M.L.S., Stories By Hand
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Pregnancy Lunch 'n Learn | FREE 
Whether this is your first, second, or third pregnancy you can benefit from the diverse and informative topics included in this lunchtime of learning and sharing. Ideally suited for moms prior to their 25th week of pregnancy, we cover topics such as:

Nutrition  |  Comfort measures / exercise  |  Prenatal tests |  Pregnancy and Birth Choices  | Steps to avoid a cesarean

Make the most of your pregnancy by joining me as I answer your questions and we explore ways to give you and your baby a great beginning.  Please register at

Ready, Set, Go POTTY |
Join Sally Neuberger LCSW, potty coach expert for a lively discussion of all things potty! Wondering when to begin potty training? Questions about your child's readiness? Wondering how to approach this task? What about nighttime training? Visit Sally's website to read about her approach before attending this fun workshop!

A Unique Approach To Cheerleading Developmentally Ready Pre-Schoolers Through A Potty Training Weekend
READY SET GO-POTTY adds a twist to the tried and true foundations of potty training with a unique, logical, comprehensive and fun approach to this sometimes complicated adventure when your child is DEVELOPMENTALLY READY and SET to GO!

$10 per person | Register in advance, please.

CPR Training + Certification |
All participants will learn infant, child and adult CPR, AED use and choking relief.  We will discuss preventative measures and view and practice practical applications.  You will leave with CPR certification.  | $45 per person  | Registration required. |

Carseat Safety Demo and Installations |
Whether you have a new seat to install, your child is ready to graduate to the next seat, or you just want to have your seat checked to ensure complete safety, you should always have your car seat checked by a certified technician or instructor. Sessions include installation tutorial and hands-on experience for family members, as well as a baby demonstration for infant seats. Best practices, next steps and recall information are always discussed.   Given by S.M. Hill, a certified Child Passenger Seat (CPS) Technician.  Demo class will be $10 per person or couple.  Installations are $30 each.

StoryCraft Hour |
Page's Corner is dedicated to bringing creative craft ideas, quality supplies, educational and entertaining books, and the TIME to spend with the children in your life!  The StoryCraft Box™ stresses the importance of reading & literacy, imagination, and convenience.  We, at Page's Corner, believe in giving children the opportunity to comprehend, create and show their personal character by connecting not only to words and stories but also to their hands, minds and peers.  Page's Corner provides activities that make reading interactive and bring stories to life!

Page’s Corner is partnering with Greenberries to spread the love of literacy and create a little Halloween magic!  Books, crafts, costumes and treats---what could be better!?  Read more about us here:  $25 per person.  The fee covers the book reading followed by group comprehension Q/A, creating a craft that pairs with the book, and using and keeping all of the supplies needed to complete the craft, the storybook, an enrichment card, bookmark and pencil.

Everyone Sleeps Workshop |
Are you tired of bedtime battles an naptime fights? Would you like to get your children to fall asleep independently, sleep through the night, and take age appropriate naps without just leaving them to "cry it out?" If so, don't miss this class with Allison Smith, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach from Everyone Sleeps. In just over two hours, she'll give you the information you need to get your kids sleeping better immediately and answer your questions so that you're ready to go when you get home!

$30/person, $40/couple | Registration and payment due in advance by June 24th | Register by phone at 410.290.6253 or in the shop.