"I just want to thank you for a great class. Amy is fantastic. I have been wanting to transition to back carries for awhile, but didn't feel confident getting baby in and out of the carrier. When I was practicing, I said to Amy, "I can't do this part, he's so tall!" She said, "You are doing it!" And a star was born. Today I wore baby on my back at the grocery store and while doing laundry, and he is now sleeping there. Thank you!!!" -Elisabeth

"So wish I still lived there! I think driving for 14 hours for this and the snap and go are worth it. So sad :("  -Carolyn

"Last time I came in, I forgot to be put on the waiting list for a woven wrap (I don't care what kind or color so long it is a size 4-6) Thanks!!!!!!!! P.S. I love coming and spending hours in your store!" -Joyce

"Y'all need to open a Greenberries satellite store in Westminster ;) Ill help you run it :D! Columbia is so far away for me to travel w my MSC (many small children) - I have 5! But I LOOOVE your store!"   -Amberly

"Just wanted to extend a gracious thanks to you, your amazing store, and extraordinary customers. I have not smiled much as of late, but I could not stop one from forming during our visit. My daughter had a wonderful time (as always), I managed to find some fantastic nursing wear, and for the duration of the trip, I forgot that I have a baby in the NICU. It will be way more fun shopping once he is safely tucked in my Ergo... til then, take care."  and later....  "You all are so amazing... At this point, I am making it a mission to help out Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda) with the clothing issue. I have been able to put together a small wardrobe for Hagan (we are going to be guests for some time), but the unit has nearly NO clothing for the girl babies. When I went in the other day, the girls were wearing boy items. No good. I ended up finding some of my daughter's preemie clothes, and donated them to the unit. If anyone has a few things they would like to allocate to an amazing NICU, I would be happy to ferry it to the babies. The staff was very gracious for my three things. As a side note, Hagan is doing splendidly, turning 33 weeks (corrected age) last Sunday. Rachael, I adore you. Let me know when I can come in. If nothing else, I can stop by to RAVE about the nursing wear your extraordinary shop carries. LOVE the brand ma'am! Thanks so very much to all of you."        - Lisa

"Hi Rachel!  I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to thank you for the great experience I had today bringing things in for consignment. You staff member (I wish I had gotten her name!) was SO kind and helpful and made my day with her happy and caring personality! It was just a pleasant surprise in a day of rude people! Anyhow, I loved your store and your employee and I will be telling all of my friends about you guys! I also will be attending your babywearing event (what a great idea- there are so many options out there!)."- Shayna

"Stopped by your store today...ADORABLE and great customer service! I will be back many, many times I can assure you!"
- Stanley

"We had a great time! Can't wait to teach a class in the Fall! Congratulations on all your successes!! You are an inspiration to all of us!"   - Dana McQuillan Artworks

"saw you on the news the other day. toooo sad and bad that my kids are wayyy too old for this place"  - Nicole

"Hey Greenberries! I mentioned you in my latest post on my blog. A giveaway featuring items purchased at your store! Thanks for all you do!"  - Crunchy Katie's Rants and Raves

"shopped here for the first time today and LOVED IT!!!! the sales-lady was wonderful and very helpful!!! i got 8 things for a great price!!!! thank you!!! i will be coming back here many times in the near future!!!"     - Eryn

"Greenberries is a little oasis of "green" in a town otherwise overrun by McMansions and your typical big box stores.  This consignment shop offers both new and secondhand items for babies, kids, and expectant moms.  What I especially like about this store is that it isn't just a retail establishment; it's also a community center of sorts that offers free and priced classes on topics such as cloth diapering, babywearing, infant CPR, etc.  I attended the free cloth diapering class and picked up some great tips that I still use to this day.  Their selection of cloth diapers is pretty impressive for such a small store, and they carry various types of baby carriers that you can try out too.  Their prices on new items are pretty similar to what you'd find at other stores- not a great deal, but not a ripoff either.  I plan to go back there tomorrow to look for some secondhand clothes for my son.  I would definitely recommend this store to parents who want to save a little money, be kinder to the environment, and feel like part of the green community."  - a yelp review- Diana

"I called the store yesterday from Saudi Arabia, lol to say what a great job you guys are doing... You always have an awesome inventory of items and I can't wait till I return home. You may not remember me, but I attended one of your baby wearing classes about a little over a year ago with daughter. The class was so well demonstrated that I was sold on buying an Ergo from your shop after the class. I loved it so much that I brought another one from another shop some months later in another color. We all left for the evening together after you closed the shop and I told you about how great I thought the Baby K'tan carrier was, especially when the babies are very small..... Again I don't know if you remember me, but I will always remember your pleasant demeanor and your great shop :) I wish you well in your continued success and look forward to doing business with you in the future!"- Aasmaa

"You really do have the best consignment store around.  It's like a baby nordstroms!" - Kristi

"greenberries carries exceptional baby and childrens items, including gear, cloth diapers, safe toys, and a wide array of gently pre-loved clothes. Even more exceptional is the greenberries staff, led by the owner (Rachel); a fascinating, kind, and intelligent woman who makes you feel welcome and genuinely cares about each customer. I don't hesitate to make a 2+ hour drive to the shop, knowing I'll be met with fantastic people and deals. As an aside, the greenberries customers are out of this world, too- when a flood damaged the majority of our belongings, greenberries customers were generous beyond imagination... my daughter went from having what was in our diaper bag when we left to having toys, clothes, and diapers. When my family was beside ourselves with grief and confusion, greenberries customers really brightened our lives. We are still so thankful! Even though I'm too far to attend any of the classes offered at greenberries, I would never hesitate to recommend them to others... I'm positive they would be welcoming, without any of the pomp or snark found in some children's groups."  - recommendation on our Facebook page    - Angelina

"Ma'am - My mother and I are absolutely elated to have found your shop two years ago. It is because of you and your classes that my 17 month old has only worn cloth diapers, signs, was breastfed, ergo'd, and in general, is just a lovely child. Every time we visit the store (especially the new location), we fall in love with another brand that we would not have found otherwise. That being said, I am attempting to put together a small collection of nursing attire ahead of the birth of our second child (due in October). A few weeks ago, while in the store, I stumbled upon a Boobs shirt that actually had fleece lining for the top portion. It is hands-down the best nursing shirt ever! The price was well below what I normally would have paid, if I could actually find this brand around town. Again, thanks so much for simply providing the services you do for our area. It makes me smile every time I walk through your door."     - Lisa

"Greenberries is a hidden gem in Howard County....it's a beautiful consignment store more like a boutique."  - a review on our Facebook page- Paula

"I love consigning with Greenberries.  You are so professional, quick and kind.  Thanks so much."  - Carver

"Great place to shop for children's clothing if you are on a budget! ! Very clean and neat place! Staff is very friendly and the owner is an inspiration!!!! - a review on our Facebook page- Rhea

"Cute baby clothes in great condition; most with tags. Have never gone into the store without buying something!"  - Karen

"Oh, if only I lived closer I would apply in a heartbeat! I can't imagine a more meaningful and beautiful place to work, or a better person to work for." - responding to our job posting        - Angelina

"If I weren't 34 weeks pregnant I would apply immediately!" - responding to our job opening  - Lauracatherine

"I love Greenberries. Since they opened in King's Contrivance I have found tons of great items at great prices there. They have helped outfit me for pregnancy and they keep my son looking great in name brand clothes at a great price. The new location is fabulous, since it has so much space! If you haven't been.. GO, you will love it too!" - a review on our Facebook page
  - Aimee

"Greenberries is a gem!  They carry TERRIFIC used clothing and gear. I swear it will be YEARS before I buy a brand new, full priced winter coat, Halloween costume, shoes for my 12+ month old.  They are great about posting new items, specials, and wanted items on facebook and have often asked to put things on hold for me.  The staff are super sweet and am glad they are in the neighborhood. Stop on by!" - a review on Yelp- Stephanie

"My family LOVES Greenberries.  We have shopped there for years - even before they moved to their new spacious location off of Snowden and Oakland Mills Road.  We go there for new and used gear, as well as clothes when one of my 4 kids outgrows something yet again.  I even managed to find the *perfect pair* of Cinderella shoes for my daughter for Christmas when I had looked at retail stores without success.  The staff is always helpful and kind.  Go there - you won't be disappointed." - a review on Yelp- Crystal

"Greenberries is such a gem!! I could spend hours there, I always find so many wonderful goodies in every nook and cranny of the store. They have a great mix of consigned and new items and I love that they sell so many local hand-made and eco-friendly/green products. And don't even get me started on the staff... they are THE best!! :-) Two BIG thumbs up for Greenberries." - recommendation on our Facebook page      - Rosemary

"Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Greenberries! Now that the store has moved... the owner has made it better than ever! So spacious-plenty of room to wheel in your kids in strollers (single OR double!), a lovely kids' play area, more brand new toys, a great line of back-to-school lunch stuff... When shopping before, I always felt as though I had discovered the BEST hidden LITTLE treasure in Columbia...Now, I feel like I'm in the BEST children's BOUTIQUE in Columbia! But at those same incredibly reasonable prices!! Highly recommend!" - recommendation on our Facebook page- Kim

"I love Greenberries. Since they first opened in King's Contrivance I have found tons of great items at great prices there. They have helped outfit me for pregnancy and they keep my son looking great in name brand clothes at a great price. The new location is fabulous, since it has so much space! If you haven't been.. GO, you will love it too!"   - recommendation on our Facebook page                                                                                    - Aimee

"Hope and Mommy <3 Greenberries! We stop by at least weekly to check out the new items and always beeline for the cloth diapering section." - recommendation from our Facebook page     - Elizabeth

"Great local business! Friendly staff and excellent products. A must on your weekly shopping list!"  - recommendation from our Facebook page- Tara

"I googled 'boutique toy store' and came up with you guys, and that's exactly right.  I really don't like shopping [the big box stores]. This is really just perfect."- Customer in store shopping for Christmas!

"I enjoyed shopping in your store last Saturday and spending all of my account (and more!) on things I needed.  I am such a fan of your store and always find things I need in there! I especially LOVED finding all of those fabulous fleecy sleepers in the pajamas section in size 4T-5T! I also am a HUGE fan of your used cloth diaper section.  I'm so glad you carry those!  Looking forward to consigning more with you."- Annie

"I haven't been in a consignment shop like this since I was in New York or California.  It's just wonderful."
- Susan

"Just wanted to say I had a great experience during my first time shopping there yesterday. I was in cloth diaper heaven and we got some other cute things too :) Glad a store like yours exists fairly close to us (we're in Annapolis). We definitely hope to consign there too down the road."     - Amanda

"Thanks again for your help and for your wonderful store that my family absolutely adores!"     - Anna

"Thanks for the great MYO food class tonight! Great store- I cant wait to check out again."- Liz

"i must say once again how much i love shopping at greenberries. i had such a wonderful experience today as always. ms.rachel went above and beyond for me and i must say thank you again.its always a pleasant experience and i look forward to my next trip,this time with a new baby. (:"     - Jana

"THANK YOU for allowing me to buy a winter coat for my 9 month old. I just can't see spending $60 for her this early. Thanks so much for giving me good options to choose from!"    - Stephanie

"i'm loving my new baby k'tan. so glad i went to the baby wearing class or i never would of tried this one."
- Jana

"Stopped by the store tonight and I just wanted to say I LOVE the new finger puppet books... as well as the extended selection of unique cards and stationary... Always a pleasure to shop at Greenberries! :-)"- Kim

"Yesterday, my family and I were on our way to Ledo's for dinner, when I saw your advertisement for your Greenberries location off of Oakland Mills Road.  I could not wait to check it out, today, and I was very pleased and impressed.  The variety of items is great and the prices were even better.  I was able to purchase a few maternity clothes items!!"     - Kenya

"Rachel that sounds really good.  Thank you for getting back with me.  Know that I appreciate all of the efforts you put into the quote, etc.  I feel it speaks volumes about your business and character.  [and later…] I made the right decision in purchasing the Moses basket from Greenberries.  The Moses basket was gorgeous, as you stated and of pristine quality. The ‘soon to be’ mom was thrilled and thought it unique with a plethora of ways for use.   The most awesome part is that the ‘soon to be’ mom expressed to me her desire for it to remain in their family to share with her sisters when they begin having children and for the years to come.  Thank you Rachel for being an indirect part of a beautiful day!  You have an upstanding, customer oriented business."- Colette

Another blog review: "Good for kids. Good for you. Good for earth. Greenberries consignment boutique in Columbia promises just that. And they deliver. Offering gently used children clothing and maternity wear, Greenberries also has an array of lovely brand new organic and handmade gifts. Practical, economical, and stylish - perfect for any eco-chic mom out there." http://baltimore-etsy.blogspot.com/2011/01/indie-pendent-business-greenberries.html  And namoo said...  Oh I love this shop. The shop is very green-minded and owner is just awesome!   January 12, 2011 8:54 PM  THANK YOU!

Came across this blog post.... thank you!!  "I have often heard about consignment shops and the good deals that are offered, but a couple weeks ago was my first time visiting one.  My husband and I were out and about, and we needed to stop by CVS.  When we did, I noticed a consignment shop practically next door.  The shop was small, but quaint and cute. Upon entering I felt a common camaraderie with the other shoppers.  I was amazed to see the dozens of different items being sold in the shop..." read more here:  http://cleverlychanging.com/2010/07/consignment-shops-greenberries/

"Hi Rachel...its me again. Just wanted to let you know that I dropped off the pac-n-play today. You have a wonderful store. I ended up spending money which was not in the plan, but couldn't help myself. Thanks for bringing this concept to Columbia!"
  - Tyosho

"Rachel, I love, love, love the [Valco] stroller!!!!  I have literally tried every double stroller on the market and this one Rocks!!!  Thanks for all of your help."- Kim

On the Clarksville Moms Club board: "And as an FYI - Greenberries is another FABULOUS place to consign the better brands (Gap, Janie and Jack, RL / Polo, Nautica, etc.)  I have had GREAT luck with selling our stuff through her shop AND finding terrific buys for the kids."- Kim

"I am very excited for the sign language class!  I love your store and have been telling all my friends about it.  I love being able to help working moms like you, especially when you have such a great store and offer such helpful classes for moms. If there is any other way I can help you let me know."- Carly

From NAP board: "This store is wonderful!! They have a variety of natural toys (wooden, plan toys, etc). I used to live in Kings Contrivance and moved right when they opened!! I still stop by whenever I can though :) They also have diaper and babywearing workshops every month. I attended the cloth diaper workshop and learned a ton. Switched my 23 month old to cloth, never too late right :)  - Kristin

"Rachel - Thank you so much for answering my many "New Dad" questions!  I really appreciate it, and I look forward to many more trips to your store!  Much luck and love to you and your Mom!  It's a good life."- Ryan

"We had a lot of fun at your event.  We are so glad to have your shop in the Village Center."      - Meg

"Thanks so much for letting BaltimoreMommies.com be part of the fun and thanks for supporting Cookies for Kids Cancer!! Your store is an amazing treasure trove for mamas!"  - Kat

"My family will be relocating to PA at the end of June. I definitely have to stop in one last time before we leave, though - I'll miss Greenberries soooo much!"- Chelsey

A google review: "Greenberries is a tucked into a small shop in the King's Contrivence Village Center, behind Harris Teeter and Rita's Ice. The store is as cozy and welcoming as the staff. They offer children's consignment clothes and gear (such as strollers, carriers, etc), as well as cloth diapers (they aren't what you remember!) and toys, and consignment maternity clothes too. They are community-oriented, offering baby-wearing courses and cloth diaper sessions on a regular basis. They are environmentally oriented, featuring lines of wooden toys and other sustainable, safe, items for the kids, in addition to the cloth diapers. And as a consignment shop, they offer some great stuff at some great prices."- Kevin

"I've been to your store a few times and love the selection that you have.  It's great to have somewhere to buy safe toys and other accessories.  There is so much you can order online, but sometimes it's just nice to be able to look at and touch what you are going to buy.  Thanks for bringing such a great store to our community."- Kristin

"I really like working at greenberries.  : )  I have had a lot of jobs, and a lot of different types of jobs, and have never found a place of employment that didn't feel like "work".  Coming to greenberries isn't like going to work!  It is a welcomed break from the work that I do in my office.   I like what I do there, I like the customers, and I like you and Joyce a lot too!  I can appreciate it when I am involved in a good thing, and believe me when I tell you, I am not going anywhere!"
- Napree

From yelp.com:  "this boutique is a wonderful place to find new and pre-owned baby clothes and baby accessories. greenberries carries a lot of high end baby apparel which i love but would not want to necessarily pay full price for. i visit the boutique about once a month and have never been disappointed. some of the brands i've been able to buy there include organic brands, gap, hanna anderson, petite bebe & old navy. the pre-owned clothes are clean and in good condition and the service is great!"- Vanda

"We enjoyed visiting your store on Friday.  It's fabulous!!!!!!"- Diane

"It was great to see 3 other moms in the store shopping today! I tell everyone in my mommy groups (Baltimore Attachment Parenting and Baltimore Natural Parenting) about your store, plus people I see at work (MOMS Organic Market)."
- Tracy

"Hi Rachel!  Love how the store has grown.  Love the website!  Thanks for new extras (classes and story-time) that you offer!"
- Niki

"I loved the store.  We came out for a greentogrow bottle but loved the clothing and toy selection as well."
- Kristy

"I have both purchased and consigned through Rachel and it's been an amazing experience.  I have opted for store credit b/c her merchandise looks like brand new and I've found such great things for my kids.  On Wed, I picked up pairs of Polo, Gap, and Calvin Klein jeans and a number of other great items for our son, who's growing like a weed!  Just wanted to pass along the info about this local shop...  for anyone who might not have already discovered it!- Kim

"We really enjoyed stopping by your store for the first time this past weekend. You have a wonderful selection of well organized nice quality items."- Martha

Overheard at greenberries: "I'm at the coolest consignment shop I've seen yet. Wait till you see what I got the baby!"

"Thanks for sharing your article w/ me.  I'm so impressed!  ;-)  Love that creative ingenuity.  Congrats & keep up the awesome work on our planet..."  - Marilee

"I'm from a Nordstrom background, and I just want to tell you what you've done in this space is incredible.  With such a small space, you've really done an amazing job."- Chris

"Hi! I visited your boutique over the weekend and just wanted to let you know it's adorable! There were a lot of people there so we couldn't stay."- Docia

"You've been a lifesaver.  I'm a teacher and need to wear respectable maternity clothes every day.  I'd die without you!"
- Stephanie

"Oh my goodness. I went into Greenberries for the 1st time today. It is such an adorable store! And, I saved so much money! I was going to order Jack's cow halloween costume for $35 plus shipping tonight. I stopped in greenberries just to see what the store looked like and they had a cow costume in his size for $13.99!!!! Thanks for telling me about the store!"
- Katie

"I've loved consigning with you!  I have a feeling your store will be expanding soon!  I'm telling all my friends about you!
I'll try to stop by again soon!    - Wendy

"Your store looks awesome! It won't be long before you're looking for a bigger space! ;)"
- Jayme

"I was in your store a few weeks ago and just love it.  It's not your typical consignment store....I felt like I was shopping in an upscale boutique!!"   - Missy

"I thought that I would let you know that you have a great store with quality items!!  I will definately spread the word."
- Kim

"I heard about Greenberries earlier this week and stopped in yesterday to check it out. It's terrific!! One of the better baby consignment shops I've been to. They also had more maternity clothes than any other shop I've been to. The maternity clothes were actually things I would wear too!!! I love all the name brands and the great prices. I can't wait to go back!"
- Melissa

"I just received the latest Greenberries newsletter and I am so excited about the grand opening celebration! I found your store while I was taking a training course around the corner. I stopped in Subway for lunch and stumbled into your store. I have a 17 month old daughter and have purchased most of her goodies at consignment shops in the area, but have never come across a store as beautiful and well-organized as yours!" - Annie

"Although I have yet to set foot in your new shop, I have heard so many wonderful things about it!"
- Meredith

"You have a beautiful store!"
- Leah

"We visited your shop today. Your store is very lovely."
- Meg

"Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help. I really love your little store over there and am SO (beyond words) grateful that you opened.  We really needed a high end consignment shop in Columbia for kids!!!"
- Jayme, consignor

"Thank you for the itemized list, you are so professional.  What a pleasure it is to consign with you."
- Sherri, consignor #8

"I want to say what a neat and trendy boutique with an awesome concept.  I’m glad it’s just a few minutes away!"
- Marissa

"This store is sure to be a HUGE success in Howard County.  Thank you Rachel for seeing a need and bringing the idea to life.  Moms are sure to love consigning with you and finding like-new clothing and children's items.  Who needs "gymbucks" when you've got greenberries?!"  - Sonia, MOMS Club friend

"Rachel puts 100% effort into everything she does.. I am sure her shop will be a huge success!"
- Robin, friend of 10 years

"Everything Rachel does reflects her unique style and panache. I know greenberries will be as amazing as she is."
- Aunt Sue

"Rachel is one of the most earnest, ethical, and hardworking people I know, so I have no doubt her store will be a success."
- Ann, former colleague

"Rachel brings an incredible sense of style and aesthetics to everything she touches. She has a flair for fashion and design and warm heart. All of this comes shining through in greenberries!"- Molly, friend